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Product Update: Token-Gated Experiences

Akhil Ramgopal

Head of Product

What we built

The ability to set up token-gated products, storefronts or URLs for any NFT collection deployed on Polygon, Ethereum or Solana.

Why we built it

To make it easy for Web3 communities to give value back to holders, collaborate with brands, and drop community-only products.

It’s all in the details

Holders only need to sign their wallet once and Novel monitors the blockchain for any transactions that occur. Novel verifies token ownership by checking the NFTs in a holder’s crypto wallet (and we support multiple wallets). Since each NFT is connected to the holder’s Shopify profile, access to gated experiences is automatically granted.

What you can do with it

Use Novel as your perks admin to manage gated experiences for token holders, from products to community. You can get creative with Novel token gates by setting up:

  • Collabs with DTC brands on perks, with perks living on the brand’s website (Picture this, your community members get discounts across multiple brand websites👀).
  • A Web3 kickstarter: Drop a token to pre-fund the development of community products and give those token holders first dibs when the product goes live.
  • Exclusive digital content, from AMAs, music releases, and booking pages.

Multi-gated experiences

See how Novel can help you reach your Web3 goals.

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Learn, how to mint, and sell NFTs on a branded Shopify storefront.

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